Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Ironshield

After our Karazhan raid yesterday, which was very smooth (no wipes at the known bosses), i could gather some people to join me for a quick Old Hillsbrad run. Since quite a while now i was searching for the Recipe: Ironshield Potion. I even started to enter myself into the LFG system and PUG that place, paying off other alchemists in the groups to pass, should it drop. But i had no luck so far.. until yesterday night. The other alchemists in the group were so nice to pass for me (thanks again guys!), so my joy about that drop was huge. ;) This leaves only two alchemy recipes to gather, which are not faction sold. Talking about faction, after my next Coilfang run I'll be able to acquire the Recipe: Major Nature Protection Potion.

Since the Armory is being more and more used by people, there is a lot of discussion and many suggestions how to take a service like that to the next level. Wouldn't it be the next logical thing to connect players also outside the game? Create a large community, add extra service like attunement tracking or recruiting? There are a few services that try to gather the critical mass to be successful, one being in beta is Rupture. I'm very sure we'll see more and more features added over time, be it from Blizzard or at some other community. A nice guild/raid community management system would be a good start...

Talking about raiding: I replaced CTRA for good. I always wanted to try oRA2 (which is compatible to CTRA concerning raid functions, so it does not matter what people use in the raid) and recently installed it. Very nice, like it a lot. Especially MT management is much faster with it. Depending on which additional functions you need, you might have to install additional mods, but IMO it's well worth it.



At 17/3/07 16:33, Blogger Cort said...

our guild uses , which is a nice website addon that stores pretty much all that is shown on the Armory, but has some nice extra features. The only problem with it is that guildies have to upload their data via an addon, and getting some of them to do that is like pulling teeth.

If you like the armory though, check it out.

At 17/3/07 16:34, Blogger Cort said...

Whoa. It jacked up my link there. The preview had it working... Weird.

At 18/3/07 04:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For other tools that utilize the armory check out


At 18/3/07 16:22, Blogger Thulf said...

Thanks for the links guys.

It's also possible to use the item-tooltips from the armory on your own website, if you don't want to implement itemstats.

Check here:


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