Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beat 'em with a Stick

I acquired a new ranged weapon, a crossbow with +22 stamina. Only then i realized, i never used a xbow before. Hmmmm.. pulling with zero weapon skill is not really a good idea. So i need to go and train. The best place i know in TBC to train weapon skill of any kind is the entrance to Shadow Lab, behind the locked door (If you don't have the key, just wait in front during prime time.. usually someone comes by and opens fast). There is a scripted encounter that goes on and on where Cabal Agents come out of the Lab and are fighting other NPCs. This is quite a safe way to train your weapons, as if you don't overdo it the NPCs will hold aggro and you can just train. Especially for ranged weapons this is great.

Recently i got myself Steelgrip Gauntlets crafted (Daminus can craft them), to replace my old Stronghold Gauntlets. As some mobs eg. in Hellfire Citadel disarm lots, i thought it's a good idea to make the tank bulletproof... or something like that. ;)

Here is a link for all you tanks out there:
Thoryana's Greatest Tank Songs


At 27/3/07 18:19, Anonymous Ishara said...

The best way to train your weapon skill is head to netherstorm and go to Dr Boom, you can stand outside the range of the bombs and shoot him to your hearts content!

He also has about a million life.


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