Thursday, March 15, 2007

...on with the show!

Remark in advance: The idiots at blogger won't accept "broken" html tags anymore, which does mean i can't use itemlinks in my blog anymore until they will enable this again. It's not even possible to report it as a bug, as they removed that function as well. stupid.

Since i was able to get a better look at Karazhan, i have to say this is a great fun raid instance. The atmosphere is very fitting and the different encounters are diversified. After a few raids i finally turned honored with the Violet Eye, which enables the smith in the stables to repair my items. This is really needed, as the next vendor to repair your stuff is where your hearthstone is bound. O.o

The funniest encounter so far was the Opera event. It's a random "play" (from three possible), so far we only got the Big Bad Wolf. A hillarious fight: One player turns into the Little Red Riding Hood and has to kite the wolf around the stage. "Run away little girl, run away!"
What we have laughed during this event... I can't wait to see the Wizard of Oz play. I also was lucky and got Eternium Greathelm from the dead wolf.

Yesterday we went back in heroic Shadow Lab to finish the trial quest. The last time we had trouble with only one healer (being a priest) as she took too much damage on the 2nd boss - not her fault, the fight is just too chaotic. We dared to go with only one healer again yesterday, but this time took a paladin. He was able to keep us up and survived quite a beating. Seems to be the perfect choice for the mainhealer in this fight. With the additional DPS, while only having one healer, the rest of the instance was quite easy. The last boss just needs 2-3 goes until all get it right, if they have never been there before. We killed Murmur and finally got our quest item. One trial down, two (Arcatraz & Shattered Halls) to go... then another one with Magtheridon, but whos counting. ;)
This heroic run enabled me to get 33 heroic badges and buy myself the Azure-Shield of Coldarra. At least now i can be a little bit more picky about which heroic instances i run, as the rest of the stuff i can buy with heroic badges is only very minor upgrades, if at all.

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