Friday, September 01, 2006

TBC critters & spice crystal dust

Want to look at more creepy critters you'll encounter in the expansion? Check out this thread (plus TBC weapon models). Also here and here. Looks like it's not only changed old models but some very cool new ones. I also saw a few screenshots that indicated there is already a hack you can use to convert your player model in WoW into a Blood Elf, or maybe it's just a new version of the sandbox.

We got to know the Elekk (riding video) will be the mount for the Draenei. What we don't know yet, how will the riding mount for the Blood Elves look? Some websites posted the pic from the phoenix as the Cockatrice, but that seems to be more likely to be a flying mount like the Nether Drake. A Cockatrice looks more like.. an emu on LSD (1, 2).

Today i checked out the spice crystal dust collecting PvP "quest" in Silithius for the first time. Hum... that's darn boring. Basicly you just run around and *try* (quite rare) to find some geyser of spice, pick up the dust (turns PvP on and you have to *walk* to bring it back) and you have to return it to some machine that "cleans" you from it (you get 199 honor and 10 CC rep). Then you go again. Very boring, maybe faster at off-hours when you're talking on the phone or such. :S Then i rather spend my time reading an interesting discussion about the expansion warriors on the WoW forums.


At 9/10/06 03:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Intresting pics.
complete jibberish *grins*.
Aye the bloody world pvp thingamabobs are rubbish, each so so boring.



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