Thursday, September 28, 2006

So you think...

...i should update my blog more frequently? Maybe you are right. Why did my blog lack updates recently? Well, different reasons... not so many interesting things happened to be honest. I also did not feel up for it to just collect all the BC expansion tidbits of infos, there are many websites that do a much better job at that. I did not play much with Thulf, rather worked on my little rogue... but I'm not willing to hand out his identity yet, so maybe I'll write a sum up of his adventures at a later point in his development. As i know many of you have twinks out there as well, it's always fun to meet people you know "anonymous" and see how they respond when they "don't know you". Starts with the epic geared Thunderfury wielder being very nice to a little rogue while meeting during fishing in Dun Morogh and ends with people you thought you knew, but behaving like assholes to "little ones" just because they don't care. Interesting, very. ;)

What happenend to Thulf over the last weeks? After I trialed with Suicidal Noobs (SN), but they had "oldies" coming back to fill the slots, I applied to the Happy Funtime Crew (HFC). I was surprised to meet a bunch of faces again i did not play with for a looong time (talk about not being lvl 60 yet and in blues *grins*). The atmosphere is very friendly and they are true to their name, it is "fun". Unfortunately for me they decided to give the warrior slot to a T2-Warrior with a Thunderfury... can you blame them? I guess not. I hope my short appearance will be enough to stay in touch with the "friendly faces" i found again after such a long time. It's always nice if you meet people again after several months, you know you enjoyed playing with back then.

So now I have my Dwarf sitting on a pile of gold for repairs and his bags full with flasks/potions, willing to spend, but only little action to use that. I know most common tactics for Naxxramas, etc. but lack the possibility to go there... bummer. Beside high-end raiding there is not much what WoW can offer to Thulf. Been there, seen that, done that .. not sure if I'll go back. ;) As I won't leave my guild just to raid with some people i don't know and my personal requirements to the spirit of a raid community are quite high, I'm not sure what to do yet. I know for sure I won't go back to MC on a regular basis, not going to happen. Should you need a tank as one of your warriors calls in sick, give me a holler.

Regular readers of my blog will remember my personal crusade to get my hands on the Sabatons of Might, they eluded me for *several* months while i was raiding in MC. Yesterday i joined a MC PUG (well, most were experienced raiders, many from HFC) organized by Wings and behold... the freakin' boots dropped. Unbelievable. I'm really happy about it, as the old boots stinged my eyes... hehe. So know Thulf has full Might, although as soon as i get my hands on new enchants from ZG I'll exchange three pieces to Wrath. As my Might is enchanted from ZG they are nearly as good as the Wrath pieces without. I also did some number crunching and switched my shield enchant from +2% blocking to +7 stamina, which at this point makes more sense for me.

Do you use the MailMod from CT? If so you might be one of the people who wondered what happened to the auto-stack-sort feature when you take stuff out of your mailbox. I thought it was broken as well, but after some research i found out it is not! The devs only turned it off by default now, without mentioning it. If you use "/ms", you can toggle it on/off and it works again. *joy*

LFG Channel Parser
As i played my rogue a bit, i got highly annoyed with the LFG channel spam. On Thulf i just turned off that channel, but when you are still leveling and search for groups to instances... it's a necessary evil. Therefore i was very delighted that Lozareth (Discord mods) released a tiny but nifty addon called LFG Channel Parser. It will simply scan the LFG channel (you can turn it off) for defined keywords and gives you different possibilities to alert you to it. Works like a charm!

I promise I'll try to update my blog more frequently again, but I'll be gone for the next two weeks tho. One tip i can give you is to use the RSS feature from the blog, then you'll get noticed immediately if news are posted.

The English/Murloc Translator will not make it into the list of my "useful" links, but i know you guys love this crap. :P Ewerule wekeugl m'urgl!


At 9/10/06 03:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I know for sure I won't go back to MC on a regular basis, not going to happen." I can imagine why, I despise the idea of going back there with my lot, hate the place with a passion. My only hope is when actually get there we won't have to be there for long as a lot of us already have good gear. I swear they just pressed 'Ok' on the level randomizer. I honestly yearn for Naxx, I want to go there before BC. A huge part of me wishes I kept my trap shut instead of saying "Hey EQ's fallen through lets make a PvE group out of us PvP'ers.".... I'm never gonna see the place.


At 9/10/06 13:16, Blogger Thulf said...

It will be interesting how the raiding scene will change when the expansion enables you to raid the epic dungeons with 25 people. It's still a large group you need (talking about regular attendance plus queue), but much more valid to gather then 40 ppl. If i look at how long it does take for some communities to fill their slots, as there is a ton of raid comunities out there.... this change could very well enable some smaller communities or even guilds to be able to experience high-end contend again, while they failed before concerning numbers.

At 9/10/06 17:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly never thought of it that way, perhaps there is hope yet!



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