Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fine feathers make fine birds

...or in this case: scoundrels! Finally Blizzard will add some more stuff for Bloodsailor Pirates with the 1.11 patch. If you got bored of being a pirate, you can repair your reputation with the goblin cities. You'll need to do this for each city and they ask around 100 stacks of clothes plus vendor bought stuff (approx 30g for Gadgetzan) to reach neutral again. If you still want to be a pirate, you can do a new quest to get a uniform fitting to your pirate hat. IMO the uniform is a bit disappointing, as beside the shoes you can "build" it yourself with other items - or at least very similar.

Shield Slam is currently tweaked for the PTRs, but the warrior community is split if it's a nerf or an improvement. Fact is, you only use it when you have a lot of rage to dump and in high-rage situations it does not matter if it's cheaper in costs, but you want some "impact". We'll see how the final version will look.

For raids there will be two minor changes: the release timer in instances will be removed (!) and they will prevent corpse runs during boss fights.

Hehe.. seems the mage community is getting some love as well. With patch 1.11 there will be a new quest from the Archmage in Azshara which will teach you Polymorph: Pig. Rumours from the PTR say it is also possible to get a book drop that teaches you Polymorph: Turtle. Hopefully it will not just the orphan-pet-models being reused.

One of the most mysterious items that showed up on the PTRs is the below crate, a 30 slot container. Will it be possible to obtain it in game or is it just a joke from Blizzard to wave to the dataminers that try to gather data from the patch files? Only time will tell...


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