Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bug Squishing

I read a report from the guild The Twelve Prophets about their first venture deeper into AQ. From the screenshots it looks like there are a lot of icky bugs to squish. I darn hope there is a creepy sound attached as well. *grins* On Argent Dawn there is still way to go, as we're right now at 51% of gathered resources. Time enough for the other servers to beta test AQ, or what do you say? =)

12P also took down the Twin Emperors and found a really nice tank ring. With all the new books, enchants and items AQ should keep the raiding guilds happy for a while. While talking about AQ, Teval (Legion of Lemmings) posted two videos from AQ related events:
Long Forgotten Memories (Flashback)
Fighting Maws

As they informed other players about the flashback event quite spontaneously, the view is very good. Funny thing, in both vids you can see how poor Teval gets lots of whispers from people asking him what's going on. Leave this man alone, c'mon... we want them to finish that darn scepter. Great fraps, looking forward to more!

Beside reports from AQ and looking at pictures from bosses & loot, there is still a large discussion going, players asking where is the high end content for 5-10 players? Those who are not fond about 40 player raids or just want to have an epic challenge with some friends. Blizzard updated news on Karazhan and says it will be an epic raid instance for 10 players with lvl 70. The pictures look promising, but the expansion is still away.

On a sidenote i went mountain climbing with my ram yesterday. To my suprise i found out that Elwynn Forest is a nudist camp! Once in a while you always stumble over a couple in love play in some remote location... but yesterday i found three couples in the timeframe of five minutes. I did not stop and rode on to leave them to their play, but was surprised nontheless. And naked elves are just... skinny. :P


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