Thursday, March 08, 2007

Phoenix Mount?

Since Nihilum got attuned to the Eye (Tempest Keep raid instance) and posted a short exploration movie, discussion started if this could be the drop location for the rumoured phoenix mount. Could the mount be a drop from Al'ar the Phoenix God? Possible... only time will tell. The phoenix mount would be a very nice trophy, it looks great and in addition is a little bit faster (310%) then the epic mounts.

During the last days i was searching for a blacksmith to craft me the Helm of the Stalwart Defender. But either they were still collecting nethers for their own weapons or were not doing enough heroic instances and therefore charged insane prices for the nether/crafting fee. Therefore i decided to use Myrmidon's Headdress and got myself a Powerful Earthstorm Diamond crafted; Lokan can cut those. In combination it's nearly as good as the defender helmet. Maybe I'll change my mind if i can get one for a better price, we'll see. All about principles... ;)


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