Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hell yes...

...I'm still alive. :P
I was just too busy to explore the Outlands to write in my blog. What the hell happened? Way too much to sum it up in just one post. But I'll try to take the time to shift through the tons of screenshots from time to time and write about some adventure/encounter i had during the leveling.. and also currect ones.

How does it look for me... Thulf is level 70 since some time now. The night i *dinged* 70, i went immediately to the Wildhammer to purchase my epic flying mount - just love the flying part. While working on 70, i still did spend some time on my tradeskills/professions... so maybe i leveled slower then some, but still faster then others. ;)
All my tradeskills, beside fishing (which is close) are 375 meanwhile. I know all new cooking recipes and my alchemy progress you can follow through the "In the Lab" post. Looks quite good as well in my opinion. Only one BoE recipe and two BoP recipes left which are drops, the rest is faction based. Working on it. Although i have to say demand for the new potions is not that high so far.

While working on my alchemy profession, i discovered the Flask of Relentless Assault potion. Heureka! It's quite funny when you discover something, as all players around you can see the orange text with the info and see the orange "level up animation". I discoverd mine in the middle of the night and this resulted in a bunch of spontaneous whispers and chats.

Talking about faction, meanwhile I've been in most five people instances. Auchenei Crypts and Black Morass is missing, the 2nd definately high up on my list as it's the last part missing for my Karazhan attunement. I got attuned for heroic Coilfang Reservoir and will be (approx. 300 rep missing) for Tempest Keep as well. I also worked on instance keys and got Shattered Halls, Shadow Labyrinth and Arcatraz keys.

As i always try to keep my addon list updated, here are the three latest additions: ChatMats in an updated version, just saves you a bunch of typing should people ask for mats. As Tab was broken i searched for another name completer and found Nick Completer. Really great to call people with their proper name, even when long and complicated. ;) Since i got my flying mount i also installed AlphaMap, really helpful so you won't get lost while flying around.

I'll try to update my blog more regular now.. stay tuned and check back.


At 14/2/07 16:30, Anonymous Salmons said...

Nice to hear you are enjoying yourself. And so am I! Just got attuned to Karazhan so I can join my guild there, and alchemy almost up to 375 :)

No gold for the epic flying mount though *sniff* Saving hard....! I checked out the Alpha Map thingie you mentionned and already love it.

Looking forward to your next post, and hope you are doing allright...!

Take care,



At 14/2/07 19:39, Blogger Thulf said...

Hi Salmons!
Nice to see you check my blog from time to time still. I got all my professions/tradeskills to 375 meanwhile. Fishing was the last thing missing, but i got that as well now. Maybe we can do some instance together some day.. ;)

At 15/2/07 14:05, Anonymous Salmons said...

That would be really nice, but since I play horde these days also rather impossible *giggles*

But then again who knows? Might level some of my Argent Dawn characters as well in the near future. That is indeed one wicked bow by the way! ;)



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