Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Joining the War in Outlands

You wondered what happened? No i did not get eaten by a giant Ogre.. to be honest i was busy exploring the Outlands. I made tons of screenshots and looked at the strangest things, which I'll try to share with you over the coming days/weeks.
My copy arrived a day late, after i installed it i moved through the Dark Portal. Coming to the other side, i ran down the stairs to kiss the new earth under my feet... but WAIT! What the HELL is going on?!? I nearly stumbled directly in a warzone. I knew it was bad... but *that* bad? I made a mental note to be more careful (haha!) in Outlands. The Pit Commander did not lay hands on me btw, i was faster.

My first impression of Honor Hold was rather poor: It was like Ironforge (the lag) and Barrens (general chat and looks) together. Bummer. It was not much fun to move around the hold, so i decided to get out of there quickly.

During the first two days I mainly explored the new areas - as much as that's possible with lvl 60. I managed to get the flight-points from Stormspire to Wildhammer Stronghold. Exploring and running around, while basicly nearly *everything* can kill you is great fun. :P
While having a quick look around there was a lot of OOH and AAH involved. The new areas are beautiful - beside Hellfire which i really don't like.

I also worked a bunch on my professions and either maxed them to 375 (herbalism, First Aid) or worked as much as it made sense. For Alchemy i skilled up as much as i could train all the to me available recipes. I could go higher with all the herbs i collected, but i have no space at all for all those potions. So I'll skill the rest slowly or when the need occurs as i get my hands on more recipes. I got a handful of new gear as well, very nice. I spend half the time questing and the other half in instances. So far Thulf is lvl 64 and i saw Ramparts, Blood Furnance, Slave Pens, Underbog and Mana Tombs. I'll try to write more in detail about my adventures soon.

As final words for today, here is a useful tip should you have problems with your chat windows disappearing from time to time, like it happened to me. It is annoying as hell! Blizzard says they'll fix it with the next patch, but until then i suggest you read up here for a solution. The checking/unchecking solution worked well enough for me so far.

See you in Outlands...


At 5/2/07 02:53, Anonymous Salmons said...

Glad to see you are enjoying yourself as well! I am levelling up my mage as fast as I can, 66 now.

Somehow it feels a bit wrong to rush everything, but after it's done I have 4 more lvl 60 chars to level so there will be plenty of time to enjoy ;)

I also immensely enjoy the new alchemy pots! Especially the frost pots and the adept's elixir make me very happy ~~

I hope you are having as much fun as I have, might see you online sometime Thulfie!



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