Friday, January 12, 2007

The Dark Portal becomes porous

Yo Thulf! Where have you been? That's a question i was often asked over the last days. But you know how it is.. xmas & NY, some holidays, good food and such. I reloaded my batteries for the upcoming expansion. So yes, I'll be here with you for the new adventures to come.

The last patch brought us the "opening event" for the Dark Portal. Tons of demons coming through.. but boy, what a disappointment. Again a situation i ask myself why i pay a monthly fee. Such a lame implementation... even if they would have revoked the undead invasion again that would have been more fun. So what do we get? Only one quest and Kruul (raid boss) roaming around as Kazzak left through the portal. The quest tabard is just the standard AD design - yay for time invested in cool new models Blizzard. *rolleyes* Then i rather play a warcraft inspired flash game like Tower Defense instead of crappy new stuff. /rant over

The last patch broke a few mods and also gifted us with a bunch of bugs - like not correct working raid promotes, etc. - which result in players asking Blizzard "Are you prepared?", referring to the expansion. I'm not sure yet how well it will be handled with the storm of players.

In preparation for TBC, here are links that might aid you for the start:
- Burning Crusade Maps with Locations
- Noob's Guide to Outland
- Reputations FAQ in BC

There are tons of pics and movies out from the beta server, most are rather bad or boring. I'm still waiting on teh final exploration movie... but in the meantime you can drool over Warrior T6 models
or check out this movie: Karazhan (Unskilled) [416 Mb]

On a final note, i updated my addon list to the right again. Minor changes like link fixes to new versions and such mainly. The most interesting new mod i installed is PartySpotter, which adds visibility for raid members with group numbers on your map. Some more features, go check it out. And for all fishermen, you can rejoice: The new Fishing Buddy beta brought the EasyCast function back.

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