Thursday, December 07, 2006

The madness from within...

...appears on major patchdays, like this week. Longer maintenance, servers up, servers down... emergency maintenance until midnight. yay! Not that it would matter, as basicly no one is playing with the Blizzard standard UI, the addon websites are getting hammered and are more offline then reachable.

I was able to snatch most updates for the mods i use. A few, like eg. Gatherer & Auctioneer, will be delayed for around one or two weeks - as announced by the authors. One thing i can't live with tho, is the unknown ETA for the new version of DAB. Therefore i switched my barmod. First I tried Bartender 3, but i got errors with it as i don't use FuBar, odd.. but i was not up to fiddle around with it too much and just commenting out the FuBar stuff did not help. Then i tried Bongos, which i like... easy to setup, nice to configure. Only thing that does not work properly yet is the stance-page-switching. It's not possible to use the config tab for that option properly and the mod says it will use (for a warrior) pages 6,7,8 for the stance switching, but in reality it uses 7,8,9 for it. So if you should use it, that's why you keep messing up your bars. ;)

Should you still struggle to find updates for your mods, maybe the following links can help you: (works even when mainpage is down)

If i find the time during the next days, I'll play around a bit more with the new talents and stuff. Right now I'm busy to set up my UI and configure my new mods.

In the meantime you can start reading about the macro changes: Macros Library 2.0 by Class. I'm sure in the WoW forum you'll find ample posts as well.

I appologize in advance should i not answer to comments quickly atm, but i made the "mistake" to port my blog over to the new beta blogger, which is still very buggy if you don't use eg. IE as a browser. And it's not possible to change it back. *sigh* Talking about comments, please always post your char name or similar (choose other) and not Anonymous. Much nicer to see whom you're talking to.

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At 9/12/06 14:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aye patch day was hell for many. i was lucky in that I only needed a few from curse as I got most of mine from wowace.


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