Monday, October 30, 2006

Justice & Candy

Recently I'm trying to get groups going to visit the Emperor Thaurissan in BRD, as I'd like the Hand of Justice for my DPS gear. It's quite funny to go back deep into BRD after such a long time. The more I'm astonished how many lvl 60 players did not finish the Princess quest there. Good for me, as this makes it easier to find people to go with.. and if you take peeps from the LFG channel, chance is 75% it's another lvl 60 searching for the HoJ. ;)

I added WoW BlueTracker to the list of worthy links. If you're lazy like me when it comes to spend a lot of time in the official forums, it helps to spy out posts with official info quite quickly.

Concerning my raiding efforts, i recently visited BWL & Naxx with Azeroth's Fury and have to say there are some very nice people in this community. For a change they seemed to care about trialists and different people asked how you liked it and showed interest. And i won't forget a certain itemcheck Samson did during the Nefarian fight, really made me laugh. ;) Their raid days (especially friday/saturday) were not so much after my taste tho. Therefore i gladly accepted an invitation from HFC to join their ranks... BUT in the last minute they reconsidered and decided they won't replace the warriors they lost, as they had a bunch already. Talk about good internal communication. *rolleyes*
So for the moment I'll just join some 20 ppl raids and fill out here and there; use the time to get other things done. There is always opportunity to have.

Referring again to the Upperdeck card game, some players started to check out the 2nd part of the ingame-items you can attain by UDE points. If you don't play any tournaments and just want to "buy" the points, how does $1,995 for the Ogre Suit sound?!? Check the discussion thread here.

The Hallow's End event will very soon be over, if you still have of your Hallow's End Pumpkin Treat, check how many days are left on it (as those will decay). If you want to refresh it, to keep them a bit longer, do the following: Place your "old" stack in your bank. Buy some "fresh" candy from the candy vendor and then drop the old candy on the fresh one. Aaaaand.. again 14 days time to use it. ;)


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