Wednesday, October 25, 2006

about Tanks and Turtles...

TBC still under construction... Blizzard announces the expansion will come end of January and the beta will continue. Although Eyonix tells us they'll patch in content, part of what players without the expansion can see/use, will that keep us happy/busy until January? What will you do to entertain yourself? Or just freeze your account until TBC comes out?

Personally, I just respecced to try out something new. Thulf was a tank since day 1 (believe me or not, but i leveled with being protection) and i was really reluctant to try out some other specc. To do this had two reasons:
1. All raid community offers i recently got involved only off-tanking.. not really necessary to be prot for that.
2. I thought i could try out something new, which might enable me to level faster in TBC.
While leveling to 60 was fine with prot, in the Outlands all mobs got boosted in stamina, etc. therefore some more DPS will be helpful. As i never thought about respeccing and most of the time have been MT, i always passed on DPS gear for others. Hahaha.. gives me some kind of dilemma now, as I've to work on my gear again. Although, after i got myself Lionheart Helm & Titanic Leggings crafted, my DPS gear is quite ok. Luckily i snatched a few things from MC as well. So the main issue is to find appropriate weapons right now, but that will hopefully fix itself after the next raids, and be it to ZG. With my actual build fury/prot, I'm finally able to solo the elite field duty quests in Silthius, something i could never think of before. Although i should still be a viable tank. I'll keep you posted how it develops. For those interested, i changed my specc in the CTprofile and also added a new entry with my DPS gear - which is heavily subject to change. :)

Yesterday i saw Fikumdik acquired a turtle mount from the WoW trading Card game. It looks much better then i thought and a gnome on a turtle is hillarious. The mount itself only moves at running, not mount, speed... it's a slow turtle, what do you expect? ;)


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