Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Hallow's End

As some might have realized already, I'm back from my trip. Perfect timing to enjoy the spooky holidays in WoW. The picture shows me and some guild mates, while having fun last year doing a lot of dungeon crawls being skeletons or gnomes. Although after you played WoW through the betas and since retail, personally, I start to become disappointed with those holiday events. How hard is it to create at least one or two small, but fun, NEW quests? The collector in us would be grateful for more "unique" items to stash in the bank. I understand Blizzard works on the expansion, but logging in, experiencing lag (as everyone checks on the Hallow's End content) and realizing same, same, nothing changed... leaves me asking myself what i pay my monthly fee for again.

Talking about the expansion, the available amount of information exploded recently, as the closed beta started and surprisingly - or not - Blizzard lifted the NDA. Cheap advertising for the expansion. Speculations are all over the place concerning the release date. As Blizzard will need to offer a large patch on release for the game anyway, to bring the ones not buying the expansion up to speed, it is very likely they will distribute the CDs very fast and patch all changes later into the live game. IMO they'll bring it out this year before the christmas business hits the stores.

Coming back to Hallow's End, did you know you can gain the Invocation of the Wickerman buff during this time? Visit the Wickerman Festival near the Undercity and look out for "Wickerman Guardian Ember", to smear some ashes in your face. If you don't see any, try to kill one of the Guardians. If that's not helping, wait until the hay-giant is burned around 20h server time. ;)


At 19/10/06 23:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you actually get this as alliance?

At 20/10/06 00:00, Blogger Thulf said...

Yes you can, i used it yesterday. :)

At 23/10/06 07:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff Thulf! Had a few picks myself but they seem to have got deleted :(


At 24/10/06 01:29, Anonymous Salmons said...

Hey Thulfie! Just remembered your lovely blog today, while I was doing some latenight trolling. I have quit WoW, or raiding at least, and sharded equip/deleted chars.

So wish you all the best for the future, and I'll probably come back here every now and then ;)



At 24/10/06 10:58, Blogger Thulf said...

That's sad to hear Salmons... just playing "less" was not an option appparently then. ;) Best of luck to you mate!


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