Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yesterday i joined a group to LBRS. While i enjoyed the trip and finally being high up on the damage meters, i picked up some blue Doomshot arrows during the party. Later in i got short on bag space (blame my dwarvish dice for that *grins*) and wanted to destroy the arrows. I tend to sort my bags while fighting to save downtime. To my surprise - i must have missed the announce - there is now a super duper safe system in place that will ask you to confirm with typing in "delete". C'MON.. i don't want to format my hard-drive.. i just want to throw away an item. The old pop-up asking you to confirm with a mouseclick on YES was not enough? You must be kidding me. I hate it when games start to patronize their players. Who is so stupid to destroy something valuable by clicking yes "by accident". If anyone knows a mod that will change this behaviour, please let me know. Maybe I'll make a post in the official forum as well. *rolleyes*

During the run yesterday i picked up Blackcrow, which makes a nice addition to my changing DPS gear, from Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin. We all hear how players complained about getting scammed by fake trades or COD mails on the server from time to time. The next step is tricking a raid community to get their dungeon ID and kill "their" boss. Apparently this happened to a guild, after they refused to willingly give their instance to another raid group. The abusers tried to randomly invite people from that community, make them leader and then quickly enter the instance. Quite emotional stuff in the forums. I have to disagree with the blue poster, it's a bad thing to post it... people should be aware of the possibility and be cautious about such things. What do you do if it happens to you? Stay inside and change to masterlooter, you're the leader after all. Should they kill what they want... hehe.


At 28/10/06 04:15, Anonymous Ril said...

Yeay! Glad you had fun. Cute picture too :)


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