Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just a little bit more garlic...

So I'm traveling in this remote swathe of land and stop for a bite to eat at this tiny & ugly hut. The country wench owning that place welcomes me for some coin. All i said was: "This stew could use a little bit more of garlic..." and look what this witch did to me! Hopefully the physician in Ironforge will fix it.

Referring back to Vaelastrasz, i saw a funny post from Tigole mentioning the top 10 most dangerous monsters (measured by number of killed players):
1. Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
2. Defias Pillager
3. Stormpike Bowman
4. Korrak the Bloodrager
5. Ancient Core Hound
6. Gadgetzan Bruiser
7. Defias Trapper
8. Cat (refers to tamed hunter pets aka PvP kills)
9. Stormpike Guardsman
10. Blackwing Legionnaire

New rumours about using the scepter for the AQ gong say, that the time window to use more scepters (after the event has already started) is ten hours. Not that much, so better coordinate your server efforts.

I saw more screenshots AQ related here:


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