Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lunar Festival - Gotta Catch'em All!

Today the Lunar Festival started... in all main cities there are areas where you can watch cool firework launchers in action. Those look really great! There is a quest which rewards you with an invitation for the "real" celebrations in Moonglade. Unfortunately this quest is bugged... it was for me in the beginning. I had to abandon it, take it again in Stormwind and finish it in Ironforge to get it working. *sigh* The great thing about using those teleport beams is, they work in both directions... and in Moonglade are the beams maybe 2m apart. Regardless of the 8min cooldown on the invitation, you can save some time with using them smart.

All over Azeroth are Elder Ghosts spread out, some at very remote locations. If you talk to them you gain from each a Coin of Ancestry. In total there seem to be 50 Elders, so you can gain 50 of those coins. The coins you can use in Moonglade to "buy" stuff. Engineers and tailors will be very happy, as they can learn new recipes - schematics for portable firework/cluster launchers and pattern for the red version of those festive dress/suit.

So far i collected 49/50 coins (I was too lazy to get the last one tonight), but alas no new recipe for alchemy or cooking. Some hours after each visit of an elder they will also send you a lucky envelope that can contain lucky rockets or moonstones (you can use to "summon" one of those beams). The biggest quest connected to the festival is the raid quest for Omen. On Argent Dawn we could not test it yet, as the quest is bugged and we can't summon his servants or him at all. The GMs said it's being investigated but the whole day Blizzard was not able to fix it. *sigh* In the sum up a nice festival and great fireworks tho.

If you need help finding all the elders, have a look here:
Coins of Ancestry
list of lunar fest elders


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