Tuesday, January 24, 2006

*pssssst* He is sleeping...

Yesterday we went to Blackwing Lair for some fun. We finally managed to kill Razorgore! The fight in his room is very chaotic - the task for the raid is to crowd control 40-50 mobs while someone controls the dragon and breaks all the eggs. Once all the eggs are broken, the mobs flee and the real fight against Razorgore starts. Sounds easy? Right.
For the fact we only started to visit BWL recently, we made good & fast progress. The fight yesterday was very clean in the first part, only one person dead at the start of phase II. After the fight one of our tanks could enjoy his new Spineshatter

After Razorgore we went into the next room to face Vaelastrasz the Corrupt. Hes a huge dragon and is sleeping when you enter the room - so all can move around freely, as long as they don't make too much noise. *wink*
Vael has the nasty habit to "burn" through the tanks. We had some serious fun in this encounter and got him to 16% (he is already down to 30% when you meet him) - not bad for the first time. It was a bomb-astic night. =)

On a sidenote i tried out a new masterloot addon, which gives you a better interface to assign loot to the raid members. I'm a bit reluctant to try out things like this, but the code and mod seems to work very well. I'll do more testing soon. You can find the mod here: Easy Master Loot

Some more news from Ahn'Qiraj reached me. The person who uses the scepter on the gong will not only be granted with the legendary mount, he can also choose one of the four weapons from the screenshot. Indeed an epic reward. O.o
So far i know that one player on horde and one player on alliance side used their scepter. I'm still waiting for confirmation if more then one person from the same side can use it during the war event.

The first reports from AQ20 yield, that you can get the improved class skill books from those bosses. In addition groups found the Formula: Enchant Gloves - Frost Power and Formula: Enchant Gloves - Healing Power in there.

Blizzard posted some screenshots for the gate event here:

I also found a new video link, but had no time to watch it yet:
AQ Fraps video


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