Saturday, January 28, 2006

50 Lucky Red Envelopes in the mail... 50 Lucky..

This morning i collected the last coin i was missing. The one in Maurodon can be gathered by a lvl 60 without fighting any mobs - depending where Rotgrib is lurking. ;)

So now i got all 50 coins... a bit disappointing tho, as nothing special is happening and no special letters arrived after collecting all. I also think they should at least have offered a new cooking recipe (does not have to have a new food buff, just a crazy name and funny icon) for those that are neither tailors nor engineers. Not sure yet how I'll spend my coins.

First thing today was to page a GM (aka customer service) as i wanted to know if they fixed Omen. The GM had no idea the encounter was bugged and could not tell me if it was fixed, but wanted to pass the info along. *sigh* Does anyone else think they should use a better CM to operate their information flow? I also think they should send you an ingame mail after they fixed an encounter you reported as broken - would save some time of checking it over and over again.
Just by chance i went to Moonglade, and surprise, the fight against Omen was just going on! I took my sword and jumped into the battle. He has a nasty AoE attack, but the graveyard is not far away. After killing him you need to stand in the light beam to recieve your buff to complete the quest - it's taking forever, so just stand in the light until you get it. The Elune's Lantern you get as a reward produces Elune Stone, one every 24 hours. I think it's a great flavour item and compared to the Elder's Moonstone they are not bop and you can trade/sell them. Great fun in my opinion... perfect spotlight for player made events.

On a sidenote about Ahn'Qiraj, Tigole confirmed here that the legendary mount can only be obtained during the ten hour war event, but the rest of the quest and the four epic weapons can be obtained after the gate is open as well. There are also three quests (1,2,3) only available during that war event. Those give you 800 reputation with different factions and you do not have to kill the large raid bugs at the hives to complete those quests.


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