Thursday, January 26, 2006

Warrior Reading Material

From what i hear about the AQ20 instance, all "improved skill" class books and glove enchants can be found at the bosses there. The two interesting ones for us warriors are Manual of Heroic Strike IX (increases melee damage by 157) and Manual of Battle Shout VII (increasing the attack power by 232). So let's hope the war preparations are finished fast, so we can begin with the games. I'm not sad that Argent Dawn is not the first server, when i hear that still some boss encounters in AQ seems to be bugged.

On a sidenote, many guilds on servers started raffles to motivitate their server population to participate more at the war efforts. Now some GMs say that's like illegal gambling... can you imagine such a stupid thing? Here is one link that shows how Blizzard works... or not. ;)
AQ War Effort Raffles illegal?!


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