Friday, January 20, 2006

What is happening?

If we talk about the opening of Ahn'Qiraj, it seems NPCs troops are arriving en mass. Horde and alliance dispatching infantry, riders and large war machines to Silithius. Players are reporting large troop movements which increase every day. We're all eager to see what happens next...
While the players from Medivh are discussing about when/how they should use the scepter on the gong. As apparently there were major issues with the servers not being able to handle so many players in the same area and idiots disturbing those events. So the server is split between those that ask for an "open" event and those that say it should take place during off-hours to grant at least a good video and ensure the server will handle it.

If we talk about Blizzard & technology, i don't know... still lots of European players have huge latency issues, I'm one of them. During peak times latency jumps through the roof. It seems there is an issue with traffic being routed to the datacenter in france, but until today Blizzard did nothing to fix it. If the posts in the technical forum grow too large, they get deleted and a new one is opened. O_o

If we talk about Blizzard & dealing with ingame issues, I don't know either. Recently they deactivated the Super Egg-O-Matic as players used it together with a teleport hack to level up very quickly. This exploit has been known since over two month. Then we all see the auction houses getting flooded with rare books from Dire Maul and Aces of Warlords - rumour on the street is there are places at the king encounter you can exploit so he can't hit you. I hear lots of talks about it, the AH is still full of books. How long does it take for Blizzard to investigate those things?!?

Content related there is a silver lining. Beside the upcoming AQ, we see the first screenshots from Karazhan (dungeon located within Medivh's tower) from the Expansion and soon we'll be celebrating the Lunar Festival (27.1.-14.2.) on live servers. Seems the event is related to chinese celebrations. So we can expect lots of fireworks and collect some interesting items as well.


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