Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thulf is the Master Cook!

Finally i got the Recipe: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise in Dire Maul, somehow i always lost the rolls so far. This time my group was nice enough to pass on the recipe. Thanks guys! This was the last recipe - beside the new epic one, which does not really count - i was missing. Now Thulf knows all cooking recipes in Azeroth. That's 79 recipes in total! Beside the DM recipe, of course the horde side ones were some of the most difficult to obtain. Especially the Recipe: Dig Rat Stew, as it is a horde quest recipe. But after weeks of trading and exchanging favours between merchants, i got it. So the next on my list will be the epic recipe from Dirge, once the gates are open.

Concerning cooking, i lately saw this list some may find helpful:
A List of Foods That Give Buffs

Recently i tried fishing in the new "Patch of Elemental Water". It's worth stopping if you pass by one... you can fish Elemental Water, Globe of Water and Essence of Water from them.

On a sidenote i updated the links for the Discord mods to the right with the adress for Lozareth's new website.

Also saw there is a post in the Blizzard Bug Forum reporting class specific issues they are aware of:
Currently Researching - Class Specific


At 15/1/06 01:47, Anonymous Orban said...

I have 79 too, so this number seems to be alright. :)

Are you a skill master too?

I'm currently having all skills on 300 except unarmed and swords only on 299, it takes ages to get them to 300. :(

At 15/1/06 12:48, Blogger Thulf said...

Well met again Orban!

Most of my skills are on 300, only a few weapons i never use are missing. Always being the tank gives you not that much opportunity to train them while doing something useful. So i only train them if i should go and grind some lower mobs. But yes, 299-300 seems to be more luck then anything else. ;)

At 15/1/06 15:38, Anonymous Orban said...

He he, /tickle

Daggers 299 -> 300 took only about an hour on a bugged mob ;)

But unarmed looks a bit harder, I'll try in MC/BWL.

I hope to get the Broodlord Head today, first step for the epic cooking recipe!


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