Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tranquilized Yeti

Forgot to mention i got myself a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. It's one of these miniature Yeti's we all love that much. During the first days he looked in the wrong direction, but Blizzard fixed that fortunately. His idling animation is fun to watch, hes playing with his toes - you have to watch that! - and sometimes roaring fiercely. I assume business with them is slow, as the Ice Thistle E'ko can right now only be obtained by horde and in addition Yeti's do not show up in the miscellaneous category at the auction house. O.o

On a sidenote, i helped a guild mate with his mage water quest in DM and got myself a new hat: Clever Hat. Looks like the Master's Hat, but with a hatband around it, very nice.

Now we have the first contest on Argent Dawn to motivate people to fuel the war supplies efforts. Insight started a contest similar to the ones we already read about. I think it's a nice idea, although personally i think they limit the prize a bit too much. Nontheless interesting for some i can imagine. Heh, i have my Breastplate of Might already. *grins*

Talking about contests i just decided to make my own raffle in my blog, just now. If you read this and are the first person from Argent Dawn (EU) to post with your character name a comment, you'll win your own Yeti! Yes, that easy and simple... good luck. =)


At 17/1/06 15:32, Anonymous Salmons said...

Lucky me! ;)

The Insight idea is nice, if not copied completely, but hey, it will help I guess :)

Right now I am waiting for my advanced target dummie to explode and give me some more fused wiring for those repair bots. 'Cause we will probably need a lot of those in BWL *Grins*

At 17/1/06 15:55, Blogger Thulf said...

Haha... congrats Salmons, that was fast! I'll send you the yeti by mail, if i don't catch ye online.


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