Monday, December 05, 2005

Thulf is the Master Angler... again!

I announce my withdrawal from my active tournament-career, as i won the fishing tournament for a second time and there is no further prizes to be won. It was nice being recognized my some fellow fishermen before the competition started. Even when it was more like "Oh no, not you again...". *chuckles*
So finally i got my Arcanite Fishing Pole, which looks exactly the same like my old fishing rod. As you can see i also used my High Test Eternium Fishing Line on it. During the upcoming Weekends I'll only fish after the winner is announced... just for fun and I'm still searching for some "lucky" fishing equipment.

On a sidenote I got myself a new Azure Silk Belt crafted. Together with my fish trinket I swim nearly as fast as a druid in aquatic form now. I really have to test this combination against a druid soon.


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