Thursday, December 08, 2005

Darkmoon Parachutists?!?

I was taking a gryphon from Stormwind to Nethergarde Keep as i intended to do some business in the Blasted Lands. On my way I saw a strange mark below me. I couldn't remember i had seen it before... Immediately i took the bird back to ride into Elwynn Forrest and explore this further.

Of course i knew the Darkmoon Fair is in the forrest right now. And the colors of this mark looks like some Darkmoon worker build it. But with what purpose? Are the artists traning for a parachuting show? Or do they try to train those nearby Murlocs to do some special tricks? Maybe the solution is as simple as that they await some supplies that will come by airmail. Strange it is nontheless... I'll investigate more in this matter.


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