Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Patchday with Thunderclap

Hmm.. today it was the first time i had trouble downloading the newest patch. Somehow the seed from Blizzard was not working properly, giving me trouble to download it. Luckily i remembered that filefront always mirrors the patches, so i canceled the blizzard downloader and downloaded it from
Filefront Patchdownload

With the warrior changes to Thunderclap, I'm thinking about respeccing slightly. The 3 pts in improved def-stance are ok, but not *that* useful. If we assume some mob shadowbolts me for 3000dmg, thats 180dmg less per hit. Make that 10 hits its "only" 1800dmg less. Now set that into heroic relation and it's really not that good. I'm thinking of taking improved thunderclap instead, looks appealing now and the +10% for the slowing effect should prevent some damage as well. Plus the doubled damage will improve the aggro for TC. So probably I'll respecc into this.

Tracking all the attunements and who has heroic keys for what can be quite tiresome. Did you see the Guild Attunement Chart from Fast to setup and easy to track. Maybe they should have added the other instance keys as well, but not that important. You can register your guild/community here.

As a sidenote, i picked up Truncheon of Five Hells during a heroic Ramparts run today. Gives me at least the opportunity to tank with some different weapon then the axe everyone and their mother are using. For trashmobs i use my Blinkstrike anyway.

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