Thursday, January 05, 2006

The War is coming

Wow, that was patch day madness yesterday... and with all the changes in 1.9 of course many mods are screwed up. Because of the load on the large addon-websites, they all took down the normal wesbites to prevent their servers going up in smoke. I was lucky enough to snatch the new version from the Discord mods just before went down again. Took me some time to configure them new. Let's hope the rest of the updated mods will be available soon.

So the preparations for the large war in Silithius have begun. Tons of resources alliance and horde want to collect to open the gates. It's a huge grind for the whole server... some cheeky voices say it will give Blizzard at least approx. one month so they can iron out the bugs in AQ. ;)

Argent Dawn War Status
Server Comparison on complete status

I'm still fiddling around with my mods and try out the new patch, so I'll update more about it during the next days. I definately like the new transmute recipe.. 10 min. cooldown is well worth the 10.80g i payed for it. What can you do on a patch day when all mods are screwed up? Exactly, we went to kill Onyxia... =P
It went well despite the patch trouble and Seishiro, a guild mate, got his "brand" new Quel'Serrar.


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