Thursday, December 22, 2005

Red Winter Hat

The upcoming christmas is also taking its toll when it comes to update my blog during these days.

Forgot to mention we headed into Stratholme the other night. My main goal was to get one of these: Red Winter Hat. As mentioned before, those hats drop from certain bosses. But only one party member can see them, so all have to look carefully into the corpse if you intend to roll. The others in my party were nice and passed on the hat for me. Yay! Thanks again Colbey, Ril, Gromdorn and Uzul. We were rewarded during our trip with a nice find: Krol Blade. After we came back i could sell it within five minutes in Ironforge and we did split the money. Merry Christmas guys. =)

If you want to use the holidays to get your hands on a christmas hat as well, be quick. Who knows how long winter veil will be celebrated?

Red Winter Hat
Emperor Dagran Thaurissan
War Master Voone
Cannon Master Willey

Green Winter Hat
Prince Tortheldrin
Goraluk Anvilcrack
Darkmaster Gandling


At 20/1/06 02:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thulfy, did you know that the red hat also drops from other things - or at least it did for my little mage alt, lowly lvl 20 something off one of the Troggs in Loch Modan's dig site.


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