Thursday, December 15, 2005

HO HO HO! I saw snow...

...around Ironforge. The winter events did start today. Oh my god, Ironforge was a madhouse today. Large groups of people standing around the huge christmas tree next to the bank. Outside the gates the goblin helpers build a strange device that turns you into a gnome in a xmas costume. The split between green and red costumes resulted in some very nice scenes and especially snowball fights in and outside the town.

Everybody was running around, trying to solve the winter quests. The low level areas like Westfall are crowded with people that try to collect some eggs. The Alterac Valley is crowded with people as well, hunting for the Greench. Azeroth is a madhouse... Very nice is the hunt for those special holiday recipes. Some cool stuff can be obtained through the quests. Rumours also say that you can obtain special christmas hats eg. after killing Cannon Master Willey and others.

As a special tip: Drink some Egg Nogg while someone else is throwing snowballs at you... this can turn you into a snowman. Dancing snowman looks funny! =)
If you are near a basic campfire and have the "cozy fire" buff while drinking egg nogg and someone throwing snowballs after you, it can turn you also into a stag.


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